Jugnu TV is Pakistan’s homegrown inclusive model that promotes education and healthy living among Pakistani children primarily through technology driven scalable initiatives. Jugnu (Urdu word for Firefly) refers to children as light bearers and also to education to show a path of progress to the country.

Jugnu TV’s foundations are laid on the inspiration and teachings of our founding fathers Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam, to building a confident, civilized, tolerant, educated, progressive and prosperous society. Besides promoting a strong educational base, Jugnu TV strongly focuses on children’s self-esteem, confidence and character building.

Pakistan is bestowed with abundant natural resources, rich heritage and culture, and hardworking and talented people. It is a pity that 25 Million of our Pakistani children do not go to schools and an even bigger number get poor quality education. If we do not take immediate action to provide all our children access to good quality education, we will be responsible for further swelling the ranks of our unemployed, deprived and frustrated countrymen and unimaginable social problems. Jugnu TV aims to play its role in promoting education and healthy living among Pakistani children through innovative and scalable means.

Jugnu TV is owned, designed and developed by eLearning company 3i Logic which specializes in developing digital content and delivery platforms for eLearning and mLearning. Jugnu TV is the outcome of 3i Logic’s self-financed R&D model which was initiated in 2010. Gradually progressing from Proof of Concept, initial Content Development and Technical and Market Testing, Jugnu TV is now ready for mass distribution in a big way.