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Jugnu TV’s CEO joins the final technical jury for education at the I am Karachi Innovation Challenge 2015

June 21, 2015 | Jugnu TV and its parent company 3i Logic’s founder and CEO Yahya Faruqui acted as a Judge at the final technical jury (education category) of the I am Karachi Innovation Challenge 2015. The I am Karachi Innovation Challenge 2015, organized by the Pakistan Innovation Foundation, proved to be a highly exciting and one of its kids event which sought homegrown innovations to address Karachi’s issues in five key categories namely Education, Health, Transport, Law & Order and Arts, Sports & Culture. The event attracted close to a thousand entries from which, after multiple rounds of elimination, nearly 30 applicants across five categories reached the final technical jury stage which further scrutinized and selected seven finalists for the final round.

Aao Urdu Seekhain’s Dailymotion account traffic reaches 150,000 hits

June 30, 2015 | The Dailymotion video channel of Aao Urdu Seekhain, which is a key subject of Jugnu Taleem, has just reached 150,000 views. This channel was launched with a few animated Urdu poems on February 13, 2015 and presently contains 13 poems and two animated Urdu stories. The channel has been witnessing increasing traffic flow despite the fact that hardly any promotional efforts or campaigns are carried out. After reaching the 100,000 views milestone on earlier in June, it has reached the 150,000 mark within the same month. Among the viewers’ favorites, Aloo Mian is the most widely watched Urdu poem with more than 20,000 views, closely followed by Chu Chu Chacha and Chota Sa Makora which are both slightly under the 20,000 mark. Almost 97% of the viewers are from Pakistan, majority of whom (almost 75%) access the channel through mobile devices.

Jugnu TV’s parent company 3i Logic becomes Moodle’s official partner in Pakistan

July 01, 2015 | Jugnu TV’s creator and parent company 3i Logic, which provides innovative eLearning solutions for education and workplace learning, has become global eLearning industry’s leading player Moodle’s first and only official partner in Pakistan. Moodle partnership is recognition of 3i Logic’s Moodle expertise and a big boost to its efforts to promote eLearning in Pakistan. Moodle is the world’s most widely used Learning Management System (LMS) in both education and corporate sectors. Moodle is the core competency of 3i Logic which, combined with its deep understanding of the unique requirements of corporate and educational sectors, has led it to build Moodle based Enperio LMS for corporates and Ednitio LMS for education. 3i Logic is an active contributor to the Moodle Community, having provided several useful plugins which are backed by timely support and regular updates. 3i Logic’s various plugin contributions to the Moodle Community have attracted more than 60,000 downloads and are used on several thousand Moodle sites across the globe.

Jugnu Sehat website (beta version) launched

July 01, 2015 | Jugnu TV has launched the beta version of its Jugnu Sehat website ( which contains a several entertaining and informational sections related to children’s health. Children will find many sources of fun and entertainment such as games, comics, songs, animated cartoons and stories under The Nutty Village, Jugnu Superheroes and Munnoo series. For elders (parents and teachers), there are plenty of learning resources under the Health Corner section discussing important topics within the major categories of Oral Care, Eye Care, Vaccination, Hygiene and Nutrition. Jugnu Sehat promotes good health and healthy lifestyles among Pakistani children by targeting little Jugnus, parents and schools. An integral component of Jugnu TV, Jugnu Sehat conveys its message in line with the overall concept of Jugnu TV i.e. first class education, within Pakistan’s local context, in a fun and entertaining manner. Jugnu Sehat is designed and developed with the help of educationists, psychologists and health professionals and is delivered through a variety of means including the web, mobiles, print and soon through TV and radio.