Jugnu Sehat

Childhood should be about playing and having fun. Sports and games, whether indoors or outdoors, play an integral role in children’s growth and development. They play an important role in children’s personality development and teaching them, in a natural way, all important skills of teamwork, communication, trust, interpersonal skills, leadership, confidence etc. A happy healthy child is more likely to do well in studies than an unhappy unhealthy child. This is why Jugnu TV promotes sports among Jugnus.

Inclusive Sports: Jugnu Khel believes in Inclusive Sports i.e. every child – poor or rich, healthy or with physical or mental challenges – must have opportunities to play and have fun. Yes, we cannot build lots of playgrounds and sports academies overnight all over the country. However, if we believe in Inclusive Sports and promote the cause, collectively we will find so many avenues to engage our Jugnus in sports and bring smiles on their faces.

Revival of Traditional Sports & Games: While promoting active participation in popular sports, Jugnu Khel also aims to revive traditional games and sports that are mostly forgotten. Many adults would recall so many games like Kabaddi, Chupan Chupai, Oonch Neech, Pitthoo, Baraf Pani, Pehal Dooch and others that they used to play in their childhood but a lot of today’s children are not even aware of these. Revival of traditional games will be a healthy activity which will engage teachers, parents and children with equal excitement.

Pakistan’s Sports Heroes: Over the years, Pakistan has produced amazing world class sportsmen who have raised our national flag at the global level. Cricket, Hockey, Squash, Athletics, Wrestling, Boxing, Polo, whatever sport we think, we have our national heroes. One of the objectives of Jugnu Sports is to revive the memories of our sports heroes to inspire our little Jugnus.